The game starts with Tutorial where you learn the basics about the fight system.

Your first opponent is Zombie Lord with 12hp. Your reward is Naga.

The next opponent is Blood Lord with 20hp. Rewards for defeating him are Warrioress and Kunoichi.

Your last opponent is Cadmon. Here, you learn how to use skill cards and about runes. The Rewards for winning are Ancient, Witch and Defender.

Now the Citadel of Sin is yours!

You meet Lilith, who has something else for you... but it's a trap! Now you have to fight against the First Circle bosses in Journey.

After defeating Naga, Driada, Acolyte, Warrioress, and Wood Spirit, you are guided to play in League.

After defeating two opponents in League, you get a free Foxies summon and learn how to arrange your squad. That concludes tutorial!