Invincibility through defense is a reactive tactic mainly determined by blocking hits and reacting to the actions of the opponent. In here, I present you the most likely scenario; be aware that there a serious modifications and deviations of this strategy and the underlying assumptions. Below the required cards for this strategy are described. It is obvious that the higher those cards are leveled, the better this strategy will work.

Required cards: Defender, Ayfe the Arrow, Untouchable, healthy melee units.

Optional cards: Love Mage, Love Goddess, Ice Cold or Toads.

The Strategy in ShortEdit

It is important to place defender first to back Ayfe the Arrow, the earlier this composition can be achieved, the better. Don't try to strictly follow this strategy in the first two rounds, it is essential to fight the enemy's creatures to distort his strategy. Its about taking the enemy's hits and keep standing to soon cover the battlefield and protect Adam.

Don't overestimate the benefits of Love Mage or Love Goddess, better sacrify them to receive better cards instead of holding them until a "promising opportunity" arises; such opportunities hardly arise in the right moments.

Also be aware of the strategy the enemy is following: The better you can anticipate his goals, the easier it becomes to lure him into making a mistake.

The Strategy in DetailEdit

The OpeningEdit



Its is always important to use the given battlefield to your advantage. Start the turn by protecting the most efficient item on the battlefield with a meele unit or protect your ranged unit with one high-life item. 

Opening: Place defender or untouchable in front of the dark tree, otherwise place a high-life meele unit in front of it.

The Second RoundEdit


Place Defender to protect valuable items or destroy dangerous ones on the enemy's side

If you placed defender, it is likely that the enemy won't perceive it as serious danger in the first moment and places his unit behind one battlefield item. Prove the danger of defender by placing Ayfe the Arrow or another strong ranged unit behind him.

If enemy made the opening, attack his unit with healthy meele unit (at best with block). No need to kill the unit with the first attack, but you have to ensure that your unit can survive the next round.

The Following RoundsEdit

By the third round you should have as much creatures on the battlefield than the enemy. In the meanwhile, Ayfe the Arrow should be available in your squad. If she is not placed yet, place her behind a healthy battlefield item. By doing this, she is covered and the enemy faces the dilemma whether to go for Ayfe the Arrow or your remaining meele units.

Regardless how he is making the decision, the battle is nearly won. Use the next round to place a block unit before Ayfe the Arrow so that he is forced to go for her and neglects the other creatures. The clue: The more he tries to kill Ayfe the Arrow, the stronger she will become.

Recognize when its possible to defend her and when you need to give her up. Don't neglect the other melee units on the battlefield. Play patiently in several lines to make defensive considerations by the enemy troublesome.

Final Example of this StrategyEdit

  • Battlefield
  • Protect the most valuable item on the battlefield or destroy the most dangerous one of the enemy
  • Enemy perceives defender not as serious danger
  • By adding Ayfe the Arrow put him under pressure
  • Don't neglect the importance of distorting the enemy's strategy
  • Ayfe Paradox: the more willing to kill her, the more harmful she becomes
  • Won without using storm, lost less than 100 HP
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