Here is a short tutorial on how to make a new page about a card.

1. Check if the card you want to add already has a page. Edit

Go to the list of all cards. If the card you want to add is still missing link to it should be red. Click on it.

If the card you want to add is missing from the list of cards you have to create a new page and name it exactly the same as the name of the card.

2. Create new article Edit

After clicking on the red link you will be asked to create new article.


Click "Next".

3. Use card template Edit

In the new article go to the Source Editor.


And enter in it this code:



Click "Apply changes". And then save the page:


Confirm. Now you should see the template copied to the page. Click Edit and start adding info to the page! You probably won't have access to all data needed to fully complete the page, but you can start from basic stats, reborn, soulbinds etc.

Good luck!