Many questions show up quite often, both in chat venues and on this wiki. Before we get to the questions, please take a moment to recognize that this wiki is a fan-built project with no official relation to the game developers or support. If you have suggestions or need to reach support, you can use the discord link, use the ingame support feature, or send an e-mail about your concerns. If you have a question aside from support questions that is not on this list, feel free to add it to this page's comments.

Q: What is (fill in the blank), and where can I use it? Edit

Q: What is the purple goop? the silver thumbs-up hands? golden sand? etc. Edit

A: Lots of stuff (the purple drops / vials, the silver hands / thumbs / thumbs-ups, the golden sand, and more) is described on the Currency page. If you can't find your blank there, read on:

Q: What is the Archer of Big Toad? How do I get it? Edit

A: If you are playing through the Starter Event, there is a typo in one of the early quests. "Archer of Big Toad" should read "Archer OR Big Toad".

Q: What is the linked chain symbol at the bottom of some of my cards? Edit

A: The linked chain means you have a Soulbind available for that card. Soulbinds are a relatively easy way to improve a card's stats. Nice!

Q: What are the symbols underneath my collection of cards? Edit

A: These are filters that help you sort through your cards by selecting only cards of a certain type (e.g. rare, chaos, melee) or having a certain property (can be leveled up / soulbinded, or can evolve). There is also a skill filter that opens up a new list of options when you click on it.

Q: Why is the cost of summoning new cards going up? Edit

A: Foxies are the summons you use gold to buy. The price of Foxies depends on the best league you have reached. You can keep your Foxy prices down by keeping your league low. The drawback is that you sacrifice many game modes until you reach a sufficiently high league.

Q: Why can't I unlock stuff when my league is higher than the requirement? Edit

A: Many things are locked until you reach a certain league. You start the game at League 30, and as you work your way up, the league number goes down: the highest leagues have the lowest numbers. So if your league number is higher than the unlock league number, that means you are actually at a lower league than the requirement. That's why you can't unlock it yet.

Q: I see lots of players with the same name. What's up with that? Edit

A: The game gives you a default name of Adam when you start playing. That's why you will see many players called Adam. After allowing you to settle in a bit, if you haven't already changed your name from Adam to something else, the game will suggest that you change your name. For the initial suggestion, it will pull a random name from a short list of defaults. Some of the default names reported include (not in alphabetical order)):

  • Adam
  • ByeByeBoy
  • Drunkwife
  • EarEater
  • ElfLover
  • FatFox
  • MagicSpy
  • Killer777
  • Lichen
  • OldBeaver
  • OrcFriend
  • PinkWidow
  • 아담
  • アダム
  • キラ—777

Q: When does thing happen? Edit

A: Most of the regularly timed things that happen in the game can be found on the Timing page. Please note that there are some differences between the browser-based version of the game and the mobile version of the game. The times given at the Timing page assume you are playing the browser-based version.

Q: When does the event start? Edit

A: Every other Friday morning at 10:00 UTC. For more details about the most recently announced event, check the Events page. You can check to view the current UTC time. You can also use tools to convert 10:00 UTC to your local time.

Please note: the biweekly 10:00 UTC schedule for events is a pattern that has held true since April 2018. It is possible for the game to change this pattern without any warning.

Q: A quest says to make cards more rare. What does that mean? Edit

A: Making cards more rare is just a convoluted way of saying to evolve some cards. You cannot evolve if you have never reached League 18.

Q: What are the differences between browser and mobile versions of the game? Edit

A: This is probably not an exhaustive list of differences:

  • Dark Tower
    • 7 wins for completion on browser
    • 5 wins for completion on mobile
  • PvP chest timers
    • shorter duration, automatic start, all chests simultaneously count down on browser
    • longer duration, manual start, only one chest at a time on mobile
  • Chest rewards
    • Fewer cards per chest on browser
    • More cards per chest on mobile

For more details, check Clients#Mobile app.

Q: How can I get a 5th chest slot? Edit

A: You have to buy it with real money. If you get this, you may want to take advantage of a 99¢ Starter Pack first: once you make any purchase, the 99¢ deals forever go away.

Q: What is Elixir for? Edit

A: It's used in Turf War to boost your troops.

Q: What are Pal Points? Edit

A: They are used when you Soulbind your card.

Q: Do I lose my cards when I send them to attack in Turf War? Edit

A: No. They become unavailable for further use in Turf War until reset, but all of your cards remain in the same state in all other areas of the game. You may even gain cards if your guild controls fields at reset.

Q: Is there a list of suggestions for new players? Edit

A: The Newbie-Focused Bullet-Points is a good place to start. Remember to have fun, even if your idea of fun means doing something different than what is laid out in those recommendations.