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• 10/8/2018
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• 9/2/2018

Need help

Hello, I just recently got a new phone. I downloaded C*** Wars on my old phone. I re-downloaded it on my new phone but I can't find the login to get my old account.
Is there a way to login to your old account via app?
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• 7/31/2018

WiP Newbie-Focused Bullet-Points, Suggestions welcome

-Very First thing: Get Referred by somebody, Anybody. it is completely free shit for the both of you, bypasses the friend limit, and cannot be done later.
Known Whales would be preferred, But they will also prefer to either refer themselves or to be certain of who's getting their code- Inactive players get them nothing after all.
If you have just started out (Sub-League 25) it is Highly Advised that you restart as a referred account. Unless you have spent $ on the game already, it will be more valuable in the long run to be a Disciple of someone

-Secondly, Pick a Common card you do not want to ever use, that does not Soulbind into anything worthwhile.
Love Lady for example. One of the best for doing this with
Leave this chosen Common at level 1, never level it. you'll constantly pool cards here as the droprate will be higher then normal compared to Commons that are being leveled.

These pooled cards can be used to Evolve Love Lady into the excellent Love Mage, or just turned into Gold Dust and used to boost your current deck-
There is no reason to level the chosen Common up even once, and doing so will lower your rate of getting them

-A High Level deck is often much better then a collection of Low Level epics

-Gifting your Friend anything other then Pal Points, Event-Locked Cards or Epic is a waste of your friend coins (and will often get you removed from their friends list.)

If nothing good pops up in your list, buy the cheapest pack of Pal Points- There are nearly always those

-Request Cards Daily even if you don't "need" them.
Every card sent gives the sender gold and EXP, Thus With a decent friendslist of common requests, you can easily get anywhere from 2 to even 6 ranks in a single day just from this early on, when Journey gives good rewards to boot
You can send and receive less rare cards then common, and players are normally less willing to give up the useful rares, making it a better idea in most cases to request commons.

-Spending Gems is a waste before league 15 or higher.
Foxies gold cost skyrockets as you League up, while the Gold Mine slowly slogs up as you Rank up.

-Don't be in such a hurry. The higher leagues will wait for you, Just level your cards and wait unless you are willing to pay out the nose.

-Event Cards can carry you up the Leagues much faster then throwing money at the game will, unless you have a shitton of money and are willing to burn it

Many many Cards are League Locked, making it even worse to burn gems on mistress summons before getting to higher leagues.

Save up 500 gems and buy the 300k Gold pack when it shows up, Don't worry, it may be random but show up it will

-Never buy anything that isn't a special
The normal prices in this game are terrible.

-Titania is terrible later, she is made to be a crutch and to lure out your 1$.
Very useless after you hit around league 20.
Wait for a Legendary to show up in your 1$ deal- They do show up.
Aphrodite or Bastet are far better then Titania could ever hope to be

-Trying to keep a card alive is not a good idea in most cases. things are far too fragile and Adam is the default warlord, making it very very hard to build decks around keeping something alive.
Much later leagues you can try to make this work, with some wonderful walls and silence effects...
But early on just hit them in the face while protecting your own as best you can (Toads are great)

-Dark Tower is Nearly-Free Shit at all Leagues, do it daily (when it costs gold) for anywhere from 1 wooden chest to 4 big rare chests. The coins are a bonus, but save them up for the really good deals.

-Journey Bosses are the Best!
Burn journey keys to keep them from capping out, unless there is an event pending or active.
Watch your Rank Bar! if you are about to rank up, empty your journey keys into anything, as they are refilled when you rank up

-The Starter Event is kinda crap due to it starting when it feels like it, and likely long before you are ready. Do as much of it as you can, roll as many medium chests as you can, but honestly don't sweat it if you can't get everything, only uber-whales can.
More information on the wiki about the starter event, and if it hasn't shown up for you yet, GO READ THAT.

-Going up Leagues is not the main way to get new Cards
The Best way to Get New Cards is from Gifting.
Once a card is found for your account, you will forever be able to get drops of it, even something redic like Anak or Tengu in League 25.

-Boosting a Card adds one "Effective Level" to it, so a level 16 Gnome with 2 Boosts is level 18, until the boosts wear off.

Boosting Mid-Battle is a great way to turn a loss into a win. The AI only computes for your cards current strength, and will often leave itself open if it has 2-3 more HP then you could do in a single turn.

Boosting a Deck is how you go up leagues in a hurry. But you need to save up enough dust to be worth it. 1 boost is not much, 8 boosts across your deck kinda costs, meaningful boosts can easily devour 2000-3000 dust in one go. But your deck will be much more powerful for a while

-Drop any gems at league 12 or 10, and not before.
The only exception here is if you get a Mini-Event that rewards a Legendary Chest for spending gems. If you can reach that, it is worthwhile to do so in most cases.

-I know they're awesome, but the other Warlords are not stronger then Adam
Void Spirit is a sidegrade, and Trixy scales better in the super-high leagues, But Adam is by far the winner for anything below league 10 in general use.

-Basic Plan and Closing Notes:
First, Save up 100k gold (or more, more is better), And drop it all on foxies in one go!

Then you may devour a pile of cards you don't need, (Such as Love Lady) for a huge pile of gold dust
Level up your 8 best cards, and any that are soulbind'ing to them, boost those 8 to shit evenly, And burn your way to league 15 or even 12 in one go!
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• 7/30/2018

Phone login?

Can I login through my phone to load the progress that I made on my PC and if I can how?
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• 7/25/2018

Different distributions

there are 3 distributors of this game: Hooligapps, Nukatu and Eroges.
They all play on the same server and are essentially the same game.
However I have noticed some differences.
Dunno if it will continue, but Hooligaps ( browser version opens all chests automatically and simultaneously.
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• 6/9/2018


Do people find it worthwhile to focus structures at the start? Or just let them do their passive benefits?
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• 4/17/2018

New tab "Game mechanics"

A new tab under "other" called "game mechanics" or similar where we can provide information about how stuff like evolve, soulbind and gold boost works.

These are frequently asked questions that have no good answers on this wiki yet, or if they have, they are hidden away under other sections.
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• 4/12/2018
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This post is locked.
• 4/8/2018

We need a coder

I'd like to request for someone skilled in coding to see what the % rates are for chests in League and the types of cards for summons.
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